Custom Order, Invoice, Shipment Numbers


Make your store seem friendlier with your own custom order numbers!


  1. Have customized numbers for:
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Shipments
    • Credit Memos
  2. Make invoices, shipments and credit memos have the exact same number as the order number
  3. Control the prefix and length of your order numbers
  4. Set your own increment values so that nobody can guess your real sales volume
  5. Works with Multiple Stores

Please note: This extension does not change older order numbers. This extension does not support multiple stores having the same order increment. If uninstalled, order numbers will need to be manually changed in the database.

Works great on:

  • Magento Community Edition 1.4 – 1.9.x (Does not work on Magento 2)
  • Magento Enterprise Edtion 1.0 and over
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