Easy Advanced Responsive Reports for Magento


Gremlin Advanced Reports for Magento is a one-of-a-kind advanced reporting extension which lets you generate advanced reports beautifully on your desktop, tablet or phone!

So what makes it so great?

It’s Responsive : It uses it’s own responsive skin for the Magento admin, so you can reach your reports on the go!
It’s Fast : We’ve built it from the ground up using only what is required, so it’s much faster than the Magento admin.
It’s Easy : We’ve tried to keep it aesthetically appealing and user friendly so generating reports is a breeze.

Here are the list of reports you can currently generate using Gremlin Reports:

  1. Product Inventory Report
  2. Top Products Report
  3. Customer Registrations Report
  4. Top Customers Report
  5. Coupon Codes Report
  6. Sales by Date Range Report
  7. Sales by Country Report
  8. Sales by Days of the Week Report
  9. Sales by Days of the Month
  10. Sales by Week of the Month
  11. Sales by Month of the Year
  12. Sales by Payment Method Report
  13. Sales by Time Report
  14. Shipments Fulfillment Time Report

Works great on:

  • Magento Community Edition 1.4 – 1.9.x (Does not work on Magento 2)
  • Magento Enterprise Edtion 1.0 and over
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