Restrict / Check COD Payment Method for ZIP / PIN codes for Magento


Restrict the Cash on Delivery payment method based on ZIP / PIN codes. You can also add an option of checking the availability of the Cash on Delivery payment method directly on the product page, making it convenient for your customers to see if they will be able to use the option or not – well in advance.

You can upload a CSV file containing all the ZIP / PIN codes for which the Cash on Delivery payment method will be allowed. The payment method will be disabled for any ZIP / PIN codes that do not match the ones mentioned in the CSV file. Uploading a newer CSV file replaces the existing ZIP / PIN codes, so always make sure that the CSV file contains all the codes. A sample CSV is provided with the extension.

Please note:

  • This extension requires an existing Cash on Delivery payment method on your store, and does not add one for you. Once the extension is installed, you can select the COD payment method to associate with this extension.
  • If you want to use the COD checking functionality in the product page, you must have your developer add some code to your website, and customize the look and feel to suit the rest of your website. This is not included as part of the installation support. Simple documentation of how to set it up will be provided along with this extension.
  • On multi-store setups, this extension works on a global level and not on a store-level.
  • This extension might conflict with some Onestep Checkout plugins. If the checkout page does not refresh after a user has entered their ZIP code, this extension might not work. Please check before purchasing.

Works great on:

  • Magento Community Edition 1.4 – 1.9.x (Does not work on Magento 2)
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.0 and over
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